What we mean by integration

Integration as a word is often used loosely. The real meaning of integration is “the bringing together of separate elements to create a whole unit”. In InfoTrack language this means:

  • we seamlessly and securely integrate into third party systems. Practice management systems, document management solutions and accounting software.
  • from preparing your contracts via our licensed eCOS solution or using our data visualisation tool, REVEAL, we integrate into your workflows to ensure you don’t miss a beat.
  • we provide and install integration free of charge with zero downtime so we don’t disrupt your workflow.
  • we tailor our solutions for you so your workflow is perfect.

Integrate with the best

Over the years our competitors have tried to emulate our genius integration formula but with 18 years of expertise, knowledge and proficiency, we pride ourselves on offering an integrated solution that is seamless and facilitates efficiency for you and your third party practice management systems, document management solutions and accounting software.

Integration quick links



Real-time integration

All search results and related costs are returned directly back to your matter in real-time, with no delay.

Easy installation

Our integration technology can be installed on-site or remotely and with zero downtime.

No re-keying data

Data fields are mapped directly from your practice management system into InfoTrack for easy searching.

Party search

For ASIC, PPSR and all corporate related searching, the party information selected in your practice management system can be searched using InfoTrack.

Document management

InfoTrack allows you to save .pdfs of your search results to a variety of document management systems.

Cost recovery

Save money by avoiding disbursement write-offs with real-time cost recovery.

Free visualisation tool

Access REVEAL for easier interpretation of ASIC Company and Business Name, PPSR and Bankruptcy searches.


Our mobile VOI application, IDfy, integrates with existing practice management systems to capture search costs automatically and save time on re-keying data.

Free support

Our next generation HelpDesk, iSupport, is available to assist you with any queries.