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LEAP Legal Software

LEAP is a legal practice management software (PMS) that leads the world in integrating document management, client service, and legal accounting into a single, intelligent, and easy-to-use solution. LEAP’s integration with InfoTrack enables firms to auto-populate and order all InfoTrack searches directly from a LEAP matter. Get the best comprehensive solution on the market by adopting both LEAP and InfoTrack.
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Why use LEAP with InfoTrack?

Powerful Integration
  • Take advantage of LEAP’s powerful, seamless and secure integration with InfoTrack.
  • Increase your firm’s efficiency. Integration means no need to re-key data, minimising the chance of human error and reducing time you need to spend on daily administration.
  • Data flows seamlessly back into your matter card
Commitment to Innovation
  • LEAP allocates $10m+ to research and development each year.
  • Dedicated to consistently providing world class practice management software.
  • LEAP’s large development team rapidly release updates making sure you have access to the best and most innovative PMS.
Ongoing support from the moment you start your transition to LEAP
  • Experienced live chat consultants available to you with prompt assistance
  • Access to on demand step-by-step guides, new feature announcements, and extra resources in LEAP Community
The LEAP Mobile App
  • Manage all your matters from the palm of your hand
  • Work collaboratively whenever and wherever your practice takes you
  • Cloud based for over 6 years, meaning you have access anywhere at any time.
First access to new solutions
LEAP clients are the first to access new innovative solutions designed to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Court Sync – automatically sync updates from the CommCourts portal directly back to your matter.
  • Exclusively for LEAP clients, InfoTrack’s Verification of Identity solution, WebVOI, is embedded into LEAP meaning there is no need to work outside of LEAP.