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InfoTrack has used Artificial Intelligence to build a more efficient product.

InfoTrackID is a digital and secure VOI

InfoTrackID is a digital and secure VOI solution that can be used anywhere, anytime. InfoTrack’s VOI solution provides you with extra measures of due diligence to help protect your business from fraud. 

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A flexible verification of identity solution

Are you looking for a more consistent, secure and compliant way to verify identity? If you’re still photocopying your client’s documents or sending them to the post office, there’s a smarter and faster way to verify identity.

InfoTrackID is an easy-to-use online identity verification platform that allows you to complete your Verification of Identity (VOI) to the same standard every time whether in person, remotely or via one of our trusted agents. It is our way to help you feel confident that you can undertake your verification of identity checks in accordance with your industry standards.
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Two Ways to Verify

Option 1: In Person

Complete a Verification of Identity face-to-face with your client by uploading photos of their identity documents to InfoTrackID for secure verification.
VOI Standard
Clause 6.5.2 (a)*

Option 2: Remote

Verify your client’s identity remotely by allowing them to securely upload copies of their identity documents.
VOI Reasonable Steps
Clause 6.5.2 (a)*
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Benefits of InfoTrackID

Secure solution
Identity documents are checked against the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS).
Facial recognition
Facial recognition technology detects facial patterns and matches images.
Time saving
VOI report returned within minutes.
Use on the go
Smartphone friendly, with no app or software download required.
Data extraction
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts text from images and auto-populates the data.
PMS integration
Costs and reports are returned directly to your Practice Management System (PMS).

Security of personal data

We prioritise the security of your client’s personal information. InfoTrackID aligns with the Registrar General and OSR standards by retaining your client’s personal identity information and identity documentation within our secure system for 90 days. This approach ensures compliance while minimising data exposure risks.

We adhere to a strict non-storage policy; after 90 days, all personal identity information is permanently deleted, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of client data. Our commitment to secure practices protects against unauthorised access and ensures your transactions are safe and trustworthy. For more details on how we ensure compliance with security and legislation, visit our Security and Legislation Compliance page.

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