New South Wales Contract Workflow 

Compile a contract quickly and easily with InfoTrack, accessible to NSW LEAP users

Will Trace

A digital locator and search service to help law firms trace Will records, growing and optimising their Estate and Probate business.

Innovative and streamlined contract compilation

Experience an enhanced user journey, making the contract compilation process more efficient and easier to navigate.

Complete all your searches, certificates and contracts in a few simple clicks through InfoTrack’s seamless online platform. Licensed by the NSW Law Society and REINSW, our workflow provides the 2022 version for the Contract for Sale of Land.

New South Wales contract preparation workflow

Order a title search
Order a contract and prescribed documents
Edit contract front page
Create and edit Special Conditions template
Upload any additional documents
Review and share compiled contract

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Features and Benefits of eCOS

Contract front page editing experience
Maximum data integration has been implemented from LEAP to reduce manual input and save time. Utilise our simple and fast on-screen editing interface to update and include additional information.
Special Conditions Documents
Upload your own special conditions documents to create a template. If required, you can create multiple versions which are automatically saved and available for subsequent contract orders.  Special conditions can be edited on a per contract basis.
Optional additional documents
You can upload additional documents to be included in a compiled contract.
Track your progress with your navigation bar
Our on-screen progress bar supports you to easily keep track of where you are at in the process. You can also navigate back to previous steps in the workflow to make edits.
Automatic compiled contracts
Always have the latest version of a contract ready to review and share. Contracts now compile in the background as you progress through the workflow and amendments made are automatically saved. The full contract is ready when you reach the final stage in the process.
Share contracts through a secure link
Contracts can be conveniently shared through a secure, unique link and can be reviewed and downloaded from a web browser. This is a safer and more efficient way to share contracts, preventing delays and file size restrictions. 

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