Integration Partners

Integration allows collaboration between InfoTrack and your dedicated software, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Actionstep is a legal practice management and trust accounting system, that seamlessly integrates with InfoTrack, enhancing workflows and saving time.
Aderant is a provider of business management software for law firms. InfoTrack seamlessly integrates with Aderant to improve workflow efficiency.
BHL Software supports a comprehensive legal practice management software system that is accessible across desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and the web.
Caseflow Acumen is a leading legal workflow platform whose expertise enables firms to better serve their clients while maintaining strong bottom lines.
Clio provides a comprehensive solution for law practices, covering all aspects from intake to invoicing, with features for managing cases, clients, documents, billing, time tracking, and more.
ContactsLaw is a software that unites CRM, document and matter management, accounting and billing features with customisable workflows and business process modelling.
DebtCol is a debt collection and field services management software system that integrates seamlessly with InfoTrack to provide greater workflow efficiencies.
Evolv White is on the cutting edge of SMSF Audit technology that integrates with InfoTrack for seamless document management with search results saved directly to the Evolv Super platform.
FilePro is a legal software platform for law firms of all sizes. InfoTrack seamlessly integrates with FilePro to provide significant workflow efficiencies and benefits.
The iManage Cloud offers modern architecture for professional work management that enables efficient by optimising large file handling, and ensuring secure data backup.
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Infinitylaw empowers clients to enhance efficiency, capture billable time effectively, meet trust accounting obligations, and harness their own wealth of data.
Intapp offers a purpose-built professional services platform, spanning the entire client lifecycle with solutions for client development, business acceptance, and delivery.
The seamless integration of InTouch and InfoTrack automatically alerts users upon the return of ordered searches, promptly adding them into the matter to boost efficiency and minimises error.
Josef is a no-code software platform that empowers lawyers to automate tasks. With an ecosystem of integrations, you can build workflows and automations to elevate productivity and efficiency.
LawMaster integrates every legal practice management tool you need into one simple, powerful, and intuitive solution. It has the capability to increase law firm performance by at least 30%.
LEAP is a legal practice management software that integrates InfoTrack to enable firms to auto-populate and order all InfoTrack searches, certificates and services directly from a LEAP matter.
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Benefit from integrated matter management, document automation, and matter-based accounting within a single, user-friendly solution accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.
LexisNexis integration with InfoTrack provides a better online search experience through LexisNexis Searches within Lexis Affinity™, offering a fully supported and integrated search experience.
mattero™ is designed for sole practitioners and in-house legal teams to consolidate matters, documents, searches, and fees in one place. It integrates with InfoTrack, offering essential services within its platform.
NetDocuments leads in cloud-based document and email management, offering built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, records management, and compliance solutions with power and simplicity.
Open Text is a worldwide supplier of business management software, offering professionals greater choice and flexibility in their work. InfoTrack integrates with Open Text to enhance workflow efficiency.
Perfect Portal is a sales and marketing platform that enables law firms to communicate more effectively and grow their business. Integration with InfoTrack allows searches to be automatically included in the branded quote.
InfoTrack’s integration with PEXA offer a seamless journey, enabling you to navigate the entire conveyancing process electronically. You can complete the process digitally, eliminating the need for printing, collating, scanning, and posting.
PracticeEvolve develops software that merges document management and accounting features, customisable to fit the distinct needs and business processes of mid-tier law firms worldwide.
RadixDM is document management software that replaces Windows folders for storing and managing shared documents and emails. It seamlessly integrates with InfoTrack to improve workflow efficiency.
Reckon APS is the practice management solution of choice for over 600 accounting firms. It stores relevant contact data for the various entities and related contacts that a firm has in their client database.
SILQ is legal practice management software tailored for solicitors and barristers in small law firms, seamlessly integrated into InfoTrack’s SaaS platform.
Tailored for legal professionals, Smokeball’s cloud-based legal practice management software automatically tracks time spent on each matter, enabling small law firms to bill more hours effortlessly.
Sympli is a collaboration between InfoTrack and ASX, aimed at creating opportunities, adding value, and accurately representing the market through an e-Settlements platform that highlights our core capabilities.
3E® is a user-friendly law practice management solution that streamlines tasks and delivers timely, accurate business information, including complete mobility and secure portal technology.
Turnkey IPS is a leading insolvency software company with over 20 years of experience in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. You can order searches directly from the Matter in Turnkey IPS.
Worldox is user-friendly cloud-based software for document and email management. Trusted by over 5,000 organisations, Worldox is the optimal solution for accessing and utilising your information.
Xakia is practice management software for in-house legal teams. InfoTrack’s integration allows clients to automate workflows and access ASIC company search documents seamlessly.
Integrate InfoTrack with your Xero account ​to automatically have all your searches and related costs saved back to the relevant Xero job files.