eCOS (Electronic Contract for Sale)

You can now order all of your searches and certificates from InfoTrack in a few simple clicks through our seamless online platform. InfoTrack's smart integrated contracts improve your workflow efficiency by allowing you the easiest way to prepare your contracts; no clunky workflows, no hassles.

InfoTrack's integrated eCOS allows you to:

  • Avoid re-keying data - information is pulled directly from the title and the matter in your practice management system to pre-populate the contract
  • Save time - easily edit and re-arrange the contract online - no printing, scanning, photocopying or manual compiling
  • Increase accuracy - one online version of the contract saved directly to the matter with associated disbursements
  • Sign online - secure electronic signing through DocuSign (but if you prefer paper you can print and sign manually as usual)

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Licensed by NSW Law Society & REINSW to provide the 2019 version for the Sale of Land and the 2015 Contract for Sale of Business, InfoTrack allows you to complete all your searches, certificates and contracts in a few simple clicks through our seamless online platform.
The electronic contract can then be uploaded to our SignIT platform to allow for secure electronic signing via DocuSign or you have the ability to revert to the manual signing process after electronically creating the document

  • NSW eCOS+
    • A fast, integrated new workflow for LEAP clients to order everything they need for a NSW Contract for Sale.
    • An ‘eCOS’ button will now appear in all NSW sale matter types in LEAP.
    • The title reference will map from LEAP and verify the details straight away. After ordering the title, you will then have a single list to order the contract and all plans, dealings and certificates. Once the order is placed, all documents return back to the LEAP matter including the contract which will now return pages 1-3 in an editable Word document.
  • Contract for Sale of Land
    • The 2019 edition of the Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land is now available for purchase electronically via eCOS and is the smartest and easiest way to start you off on your eConveyancing journey.
    • eCOS ID
      • InfoTrack's Electronic Contracts have an ID number which takes information previously entered on a NSW Contract and pre-populates the data into other InfoTrack screens. This not only reduces errors in data entry but ensures increased productivity and a streamlined workflow.
      • eCOS ID can be mapped to the NSW Property Enquiries screens and also the Revenue NSW EDR Screens and will pre-populate any data already entered into your contract for sale. This is particularly useful for the purchasers solicitor as they will not have to re-key any of the data from the completed contract.
  • Contract for sale of business
    • InfoTrack is licensed by the Law Society of NSW to provide the 2015 Contract for the Sale of Business – including the front pages as well as the general condition pages which are watermarked by the Law Society. You can now order, compile, sign the Contract for Sale of Business all under one roof through our seamless online platform.
    • You can choose whether to print out the final contract for signing, or complete the entire process electronically and eliminate the need for printing, collating, scanning and mailing multiple copies.
Claire Martin

Claire Martin: Saving time with e-Conveyancing

"Technology aimed at enhancing and improving our workflow was a welcome movement and one that was going to give us back hours of time.”

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Features & benefits of eCOS

One source

Order your Contract, searches and certificates in a few clicks all in our online platform.

No need to manually print, collate and scan documents to compile the contract.
Editable Contract
Edit pages 1 & 2 of the Contract in the InfoTrack system.
Editable property address
Edit the property address prior to ordering the Contract.
Automatic watermarking
Property address is automatically watermarked across the Contract General Conditions pages.
Single PDF
Compile the entire Contract into a single combined .pdf that you can easily save, print and email.
Prepopulated data
Information is drawn from the title and mapped into the Contract.
Importing functionality
All additional documents can be imported including Special Conditions, Sec 66W, survey plans, requisitions on title etc.
Seamless integration
Cost of the Contract is automatically captured within integrated practice management systems.