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Verification of identity

Sync & eFile Court documents

Searches & Certificates

InfoTrack has a national property search functionality that offers a comprehensive range of land property searches. Our system guides you through the process of ordering a property search with the least amount of steps and data required for entry.

Transact securely

The new standard in property exchange. Securexchange provides all parties in a property transaction with a safe environment to confirm bank account details and arrange deposit and exchange.

Settlement services

SettleIT is a shared network of specialist settlement agents that handle e-settlement processing on your behalf. With one click, you can book a SettleIT agent who will act under your instructions and provide a personalised fixed-price service.


PlanIT is an online portal that makes off-the-plan projects easier than ever. Leave behind your excel spreadsheets for good with our ultimate off-the-plan platform. With PlanIT and SignIT you can easily prepare, sign and arrange settlements for your off-the-plan contracts online.

Electronic Contract for Sale

You can order the Contract for Sale of Land or Business from InfoTrack in a few simple clicks through our seamless eCOS platform. Licensed by NSW Law Society & REINSW, order searches, certificates & smart Contracts for Sale from InfoTrack. VIC can access electronic Section 32 Statements & Contract of Sale of Real Estate.

Electronic signing

SignIT is an easy-to-use electronic signing tool that enables you to sign documents online in a few simple steps. SignIT it saves you time and money by allowing you to execute documents faster and avoid the hassle of printing, scanning and posting.

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