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New report: internal crime

InfoTrack and Lawyers Weekly surveyed over 200 legal professionals to gain insight into employee screening processes and internal crime in the Australian legal industry. The results revealed a critical need for wider implementation of police and reference checks across the legal and corporate worlds.

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Remote verifications with IDfy

You can now conduct remote Verifications of Identity on both Android and Apple devices using IDfy. This allows you to provide a better service to your clients, by making the process streamlined and convenient. IDfy is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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Each eCOS created through InfoTrack now has a unique ID number associated with it. When you enter this ID number on NSW Property Enquiries and NSW EDR screens, all information from the eCOS will be mapped out for you.

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Intelligent searches

InfoTrack has a leading SaaS platform that provides intelligent, faster searching for professionals.

Integrated services

Seamless and secure integration into third party practice management systems, document management solutions and accounting software.

All under one-roof

Our intuitive online system is designed so that you can order, save and distribute your searches and related services swiftly.