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LawMaster is Australia’s most integrated Law Practice Technology. It integrates every legal practice management tool you need in one simple, powerful and intuitive solution.

For over 30 years, LawMaster has been upgrading our technology to meet the specific and evolving needs of law firms and legal departments. With the power to increase law firm performance by at least 30%, LawMaster will free your team to focus on the practise of law.

LawMaster’s seamless two-way integration with InfoTrack’s online search platform is automated, saves time while reducing the risk of error and will increase your firm’s efficiency.
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Why use LawMaster’s online search integration with InfoTrack?

1. Initiate a new search directly from the LawMaster matter
2. Auto-populate search fields from the matter or LawMaster’s conveyancing workflows
3. Save searches real-time to the matter
4. Search results are automatically named and dated
5. Save cost recovery fees as an anticipated or non-cash disbursement real-time to the LawMaster matter reducing the risk of missing disbursements
6. LawMaster has partnered with InfoTrack SignIT to enable LawMaster documents for signing electronically.