Security and Legislation Compliance

Complying with Verification of Identity legislation
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Security and Legislation Compliance

Complying with Verification of Identity legislation

InfoTrackID Security

Here at InfoTrack, we understand that the security related to the verification of identity process is of paramount importance to you. We take the security of your client’s sensitive information very seriously and that is why InfoTrack’s web-based Verification of Identity service has a number of measures to ensure that your client’s personal information remains safe and sound.

InfoTrack complies with the ISO27001 Certification for storing data

Documents entered into InfoTrack’s VOI platform are transmitted and stored securely in a write-only, ISO27001 certified private cloud provided database. This database is only accessible for read access via a private VPC, to a few highly privileged InfoTrack administrators.

All data at rest is secured using the industry certified AES256 encryption, all data in transit is secured end-to-end, using the industry certified TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 standards, and offers the highest level of protection possible. All documents ordered as part of the report are encrypted on the server using AES256. All transport between the VOI platform and servers is secured using SSL.

Complying with Verification Of Identity (VOI) Legislation

Legislation surrounding VOI differs in each state of Australia. In each state, there are VOI requirements set in place that apply to solicitors and conveyancers. Under these requirements, the identity of an individual should be verified in all conveyancing transactions, so that lawyers and conveyancers know that the individual has authority to deal with the land.

VOI requirements in Australian states

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory