Property Certificate

Due to our automated internal systems and processes, nearly 93% of all property certificates processed by InfoTrack are processed and submitted to Authorities in real time, this allows for a far quicker property certificate return than our competitors.

When ordering property certificates, our intuitive system matches the location of the property to the relevant council, water and other authorities, and displays only those property certificates that are relevant. This saves you time when trying to locate specifics from a long list of certificate options and the need for additional information for each application is kept to a minimum.

After submitting your order, our experienced state based Property Services Teams are available to answer any questions you may have and will chase any outstanding certificates.

You can also select to receive an email update every time InfoTrack chases your Property Enquiries certificate with an authority, so you know the status of your request at all times.

Key benefits of InfoTrack’s Property Enquiry system:

  • We continually invest in back end systems to ensure your property certificate is processed and returned in the fastest way.
  • We have automated the ordering of nearly 93% of all certificates for NSW & QLD to allow your order to be processed immediately through to the authority instead of these applications traditionally being done in 2 daily runs. This ensures your order hits the authority without delay so that it can be processed quicker.
  • We are active in reducing turnaround times for all property enquiry certificates
  • We proactively chase property enquiry certificates and have invested in additional resources to support a better service for our clients
  • We have enhanced the ordering screens so the least amount of clicks and data is required to complete an application
  • State based processing teams
  • ‘Quick Select’ options so that you are not having to select common certificates you always order for your Conveyancing matters
  • Access to property certificates across NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, ACT, TAS, SA and WA
  • Access to Transfer and Section 118 Notice Certificates in NSW
  • Section 149 Certificates in NSW