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Queensland Property Searches and Certificates

Access a range of Queensland property searches and certificates

QLD Title Search

InfoTrack is a Titles Queensland approved Information Broker. With InfoTrack, you have access to a range of Queensland property searches and certificates.
QLD Title Search
Find these
searches and more
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Find these
searches and more
with InfoTrackGO

All QLD Searches and Certificates

  • Searches
  • Council
  • Pre-Purchase Reports
  • Other

QLD Searches

  • Title Searches, Historical Title Searches, Address Searches, Previous Title Searches, Owner Name Searches
  • Title Alerts
  • CTS/CMS Searches
  • Plans and dealings
  • Smart Map Searches
  • re-ATS Dealings
  • QVAS Search
  • Mining Tenement Registry Search

QLD Council Certificates

  • Rates
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Limited Planning & Development Certificates
  • Standard Planning & Development Certificates
  • Full Planning & Development Certificates
  • Building Record Searches
  • Drainage Plans
  • Sewer Diagram
  • Flood Searches

Pre-Purchase Reports

Other Authorities & Searches

  • Energex
  • Ergon
  • Essential Energy
  • Department of Resources Undermining Search
  • Department of Resources Local Area Mining Permit (Formerly Mines Property Search)
  • Telco Cable Search
  • Fire Safety Report
  • Vegetation Management Compliance
  • Vegetation Land Suitability Map
  • Regulated Vegetation Management Map
  • DATSIP - Cultural Heritage Search Request
  • Australian Heritage Database
  • Nature Conservation Search
  • S540 Register Search
  • EPBC Protected Matters Search
  • DTMR Transport & Main Roads Property Search
  • Powerlink Property Search
  • DEHP Contaminated Land Search
  • DEHP Heritage Certificate (Certificate of Affect)
  • QLD Building & Construction Commission Insurance
  • WHSQ – Plant Search
  • OSR Land Tax Clearance
  • RP Data Auto Val
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