REVEAL data visualisation tool

Imagine having an interactive workspace that aggregates search results from multiple sources and instantly maps out relationships between people, companies and assets in one simple visualisation. This is now a reality with REVEAL.

REVEAL enables you to innovatively delve into complex layers of data with the ability to view shareholder percentages, track changes to corporate structure, filter your results and export data in various formats. REVEAL saves you hours of time and ensures you don’t miss out on critical information.

3x the value in a single ASIC Search 

Each ASIC extract you order from InfoTrack returns a single PDF including the extract and a complimentary credit report and company structure visualisation. These additional features provide you with a more detailed picture of the company you're searching, allowing for deeper levels of due diligence in a fraction of the time.

A complimentary REVEAL workspace is included with your search results when you order any of the following from InfoTrack.

Who needs REVEAL?

Commercial Lawyer

Accountant/Insolvency Specialist



Time saving

Analyse complex company structures and relationships faster through a single page visual.

Reduce error

Automatic data population reduces human error and business risk.



Client engagement

Present results to clients in an easy to understand format.