People search

This searches a database that can be used to track individuals or couples down and verify their last known address, in addition to other valuable information.

The Person Locator Search returns a last known address, phone number and any default judgements against that individual or couple. The InfoTrack Person Locator Search is particularly useful for:

  • Family Law/Litigation – Service of Court documents
  • Identifying bad debtors for a client, or for your firm
  • Working on Debt Recovery matters
  • Ascertaining whether potential clients are credit-worthy

The data InfoTrack uses comes from dependable public records that are regularly updated and cross-indexed to ensure the most accurate, current and reliable results. To perform a search, simply enter the name and any other information that you have on the individual you are looking for and your requested data will be searched against the following sources:

  • Property legacy data that includes name, address, phone, for over 80 million historical records
  • Phone records from various commercial sources
  • People information (Australian Bureau of Statistics data)
  • Addresses (Australian Post licensed sources)
  • Monthly transactional consumer data updates
  • Year of Birth for residents of VIC, NSW & QLD
  • Historic Name and address data going back to 1993
  • Courts data – Bankruptcy / Judgments
  • Survey data
  • Property data, over 350,000 For Sale/Rent properties

Using the Person Locator Search can be useful for:

  • Process serving.
  • Getting in contact with customers.
  • Finding debtors.
  • Dealing with return mail.

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