PPSR Search

The PPSR is a national online register that can provide information to help limit your risk when buying personal property. The PPSR is an online noticeboard, on which: you can register a notice to show that you have rights over personal property which secure a debt or obligation that someone owes you.

InfoTrack is a licensed Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) broker. As such, InfoTrack offers you the ability to perform a PPSR Search with ease. InfoTrack’s PPSR Search tool provides a simple way to search for interests in personal property other than land or buildings.

Types of PPSR Searches Available

  • Organisational Grantor search - identify whether an organisation has any registrations over their personal property.
  • Individual Grantor search - identify whether an individual has any registrations over their personal property
  • Serial Number search - identify registrations for
  • Registration search - allows users to enter a specific registration number and retrieve its details
  • Ordinal search - allows users to determine the order of any two specified registration events. A registration event is something has a change number allocated to it, or is an expiry date.

Key features of PPSR Searches

  • PPSR bulk order functionality with auto verification of ACN, ABN & Name.
  • Auto settings to group orders into a single email.
  • Auto issue email of specific PPSR results eg. Summary, Certificates and Attachments, or selected results.
  • Flexible delivery options from home page of PPSR results list – Summary, Certificates, Excel options.
  • Re-issue results options anytime at no extra cost– Certificates, Summary, Excel.
  • Verification and auto match of Name/ACN/ABN.
  • Ability to export your PPSR Search to excel format to sort and manage results.
  • Search three PPSR criteria at once including ASIC Company Search.
  • After your PPSR search has been ordered, free access to REVEAL, data visualisation of your PPSR Search result.
  • Ability to search the PPSR in New Zealand

Secured Party Groups (SPGs)

InfoTrack gives clients the ability to create a secured party group, manage PPSR registrations.

A secured party group is the individual or organisation who holds a security interest in personal property (PPSR). A secured party group is a system construct used by the PPSR to help secured parties manage their registrations.

The SPG can have any combination of individual or organisation secured parties.

ASIC & PPSR Combined Report

When ordering an ASIC Search from InfoTrack, you have the option of including a PPSR Search which will return a Combined Report along with your ASIC and PPSR results in one PDF. The Combined Report uses smart technology to collate data from your ASIC and PPSR Search results and highlight areas of potential risk. 

The Combined Report includes ASIC & PPSR results along with the following:

  • Summary of ASIC & PPSR Data

A colour-coded summary of your search information which highlights areas of risk and allows for easier and faster consumption of ASIC & PPSR data.

A snapshot of the company’s credit history details risk data including court judgments, payment defaults, insolvency notices, mercantile enquires, credit enquiries and credit score.

  • REVEAL workspace

A simple visualisation maps out relationships between people, companies and assets allowing you to easily view shareholder percentages and changes to corporate structure.

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