ASIC Connect Search

ASIC Connect is the new online service for interacting with ASIC's registers. Services available on ASIC Connect through the InfoTrack system include:

Company Check Name Availability

The Check Name Availability search provides guidance on whether your proposed company name is similar or identical to an already registered or reserved company or business name.

Business Check Name Availability

This online search allows you to check if a business name is available for registration. As part of the search, 14 automated tests are applied, and you will be advised whether the name is available, not available or requires review by an ASIC staff member.

Business Name Holder – Organisation

This search allows you to search by an organisation that is a Business Name holder to see the business names they hold.

Business Name Holder – Person

This search allows you to search for an individual business name holder (i.e. a person/sole trader) and see what business names they hold.

SMSF Auditor Search

The SMSF auditor index search provides information on approved SMSF auditors on the ASIC register.

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