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ASIC Company Extract

ASIC Company Extract

An ASIC Company Extract is designed to help you verify the legitimacy of an entity by providing details about a company and is good for companies looking to make low-risk decisions. This can come in the form of a Current Company Extract, or a Historical Company Extract.

The ASIC company search can be ordered from InfoTrack through our consumer site and the information in this extract generally includes:
  • Current officeholders including company directors and secretaries
  • Current registered office addresses and current principal place of business
  • Current shareholders including details of shareholdings (excluding public companies)
  • Appointments of external auditors, liquidators and administrators
  • Document details on all forms lodged with ASIC
  • ACN lookup
  • ABN lookup

Does your ASIC extract look like this?

InfoTrack's ASIC extract starts with a summary page, instantly showing you a snapshot of the extract, credit information and a visualisation of the company data.

ASIC Historical Company Extract

The ASIC Historial Company Extract will include all the details in a Current Company Extract plus any prior details relevant to the type of organisation. Annual returns were abolished on 1 July 2003, however, previously lodged returns will still show on Historical Company Extracts.

Relational Company Extract

This ASIC extract provides information on a company’s relationship with other companies. Information may include:
  • Companies in which the subject is one of the top 20 members
  • Companies for which the subject is the ultimate holding company
  • Corporations for which the subject is a director
  • Foreign companies for which the subject is a local agent
  • Managed investment schemes for which the subject is the responsible entity
  • Licenses held by the subject company for securities dealers, securities investment advisers, futures dealers & futures advisers 

InfoTrack ASIC Company Extracts – 3x the value in one search

Ordering your ASIC Company Extract from InfoTrack gives you three times the value at no additional charge. Each ASIC Extract you order from InfoTrack returns a single PDF including the Extract, a CreditorWatch Credit Report and a REVEAL data visualisation workspace. These additional features provide you with a more detailed picture of the company you’re searching, allowing for deeper levels of due diligence. 

1. ASIC Extract

Verify the legitimacy of an entity by viewing details including company directors, secretaries, shareholders, registered office addresses, appointments of external auditors, liquidators and administrators, document details and ACN/ABN lookup.  
2. CreditorWatch Credit Report*

Assess the credit worthiness of the company you’re searching through a snapshot of the its credit history. The Credit Report details risk data associated with the company including court judgments, payment defaults, insolvency notices, mercantile enquires, credit enquiries and credit score. *Not available to Accountancy & Insolvency clients 
3. REVEAL Workspace

View a simple visual diagram that maps out relationships between people, companies and assets. Easily see shareholder percentages, track changes to corporate structure, filter your results and export data in various formats. 
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