National Police Check

A National Police Check involves checking the police history of an applicant and may be required for a range of reasons such as employment screening and visa applications. It is also an ASIC requirement for ASX listed entities, and when applying for Australian Credit or Financial Services Licences.

The National Police Check Search involves identifying and releasing any relevant police information subject to relevant spent convictions / non-disclosure legislation and / or information release polices. Each of these National Police Checks can only be undertaken with the informed consent of the person being checked. The process involves:

  • Searching a central index containing the names of persons of interest to police;
  • Possible match(es) referred to the relevant police services for evaluation against their records; and
  • Issuing a National Police Certificate

Benefits of the National Police Check

InfoTrack's Online Police Check allows you to know the background of the person you’re getting involved with by checking the police history of potential employees on behalf of employers, such as government agencies, and non-government organisations.