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Are you a corporate company that needs to perform multiple police checks a month to ensure your company is performing due dilligence? If so, InfoTrack has all of your corporate needs covered. 

InfoTrack's Online Police Check allows you to know the background of the person you’re getting involved with by checking the police history nationally of potential employees on behalf of a range of industries.No matter what sector you’re in, we can help you manage risk when it comes to hiring and give you peace of mind. 

InfoTrack also offer a range of other services including electronic signing of documents, company registrations and editing, person locator searches, litigation searches as well as company director searches and other company searches through ASIC.


What is a National Police Check?

A National Police Check involves checking the police history of an applicant and may be required for a range of reasons such as employment screening and visa applications. It is also an ASIC requirement for ASX listed entities, and when applying for Australian Credit or Financial Services Licences.

The National Police Check Search involves identifying and releasing any relevant AFP (Australian Federal Police) information subject to relevant spent convictions / non-disclosure legislation and / or information release polices. Each of these National Police Checks can only be undertaken with the informed consent of the person being checked. The process involves:

  • Searching a central index containing the names of persons of interest to police;
  • Possible match(es) referred to the relevant police services for evaluation against their records; and
  • Issuing a National Police Certificate

This online police check can be done for individuals in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, CBR, SA, WA and NT.

For more answers to questions like this please visit our FAQs page.

What industries do we service with police checks?

HR departments

As an HR team, you play a vital role in acting as a gatekeeper to your company and it’s important that you know who you’re hiring. Conducting police checks on potential employees helps to reduce risk of theft, fraud and other criminal activity that could have a serious impact on your organisation - not only financially but culturally. Police checks help safe guard your oganisation’s integrity partnering with a police check provider you can trust for fast, accredited results will give you peace of mind when conducting background checks on candidates.


Child care

As of June 2013, all jurisdictions in Australia have some form of child-related employment pre-screening legislation. These laws make it mandatory for individuals employed in certain occupations to meet specific screening requirements. Police checks are a pivotal part of the background checks that are industry standard for child care providers.  To understand your responsibilities, you can refer to the Child Family Community Australia (CFSA) page.


In-house legal counsel

As an in-house lawyer, a key part of your role is recognising and managing legal risks in a timely manner. You need to have a framework in place that minimises risk as new employees enter the organistion and may have access to sensitive business information, funds, etc. Police checks play an important part in assessing the risk of potential new hires and it’s important that you work with a trusted provider that provides you with certified, fast and consistent results.


Volunteer organisations

We understand that as a volunteer organisation, one of your main priorities is ensuring the safety of your volunteers and the people they’re working with. Fulfilling this duty of care is pivotal to your organisation’s success and reputation, and you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to background checks. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a police check provider that you can rely on for fast, accredited results.


Cleaning services

Security is a key concern for your clients as cleaners often work unsupervised with full access to residential and commercial properties. It’s important that you know that the people you’re hiring are trustworthy since they are the face of your business and have the potential to make or break your reputation. Partnering with a police check service provider that is fast and reliable will reduce the potential for criminal activity and give you increased credibility and peace of mind.



Many government departments require police checks as a condition of employment since employees often have access to highly sensitive information. In addition, some government agencies require volunteers to undergo police checks to satisfy conditions for funding. When you’re conducting police checks on potential employees on a regular basis, you need a provider that you can rely upon for quick turnaround times.


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