Development application reports

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request for consent to execute proposed development. This could include change of use of land, subdividing land, carrying out work on a building, and landscaping amongst other things. Work can’t commence on a development until an application has been lodged and approved by the local council.

At InfoTrack, we have access to all submitted Development Applications (since the most recent council update) which gives you access from the one online system. This means that when a client contacts you with a DA-related query, you can provide them with more information than what has been available previously.

By using our system, you will be able to see controls from council to each site, and therefore identify any issues from an early stage and address those as part of the planning process.

How does it work?

  • A 400-metre radius of the property in question is outlined
  • Each property found within the radius is searched on the council’s website via integration
  • If there are no Development Applications within the range, a message stating ‘There are no Development Applications within this range’ will be returned.