InfoTrack integrates with two Xero apps:
• Practice Manager
• WorkFlow Max

The goal of this integration is to allow Xero jobs in InfoTrack and allow users to place searches against those jobs. When a search is placed against a job, InfoTrack sends the documents and cost recoveries back to Xero and this allows Xero to record costs for accounting and compliance purposes.

Create/use OAuth2.0 XeroApp

Gather the client_id, client_secret & scopes (Already added Platform config, if not check with Andrew Wingy)

Create a Xero account

Create a WorkFlowMax/PracticeManager accounts
  • Go to Xero App store
  • Search for WorkflowMax or PracticeManager

  • Then click ‘Get this app’ button → should take you to the signup page

Fill in the required details → automatically creates an Account with a Xero login

Follow similar steps for PracticeManager

Enabling Xero API access for staff members

If the admin of the organization has API access enabled, it automatically enables all staff members. By default it should be enabled, but do check

Go to WorkflowMax or PracticeManger App

Click on the ‘Business’ option in the top menu

Select ‘Settings’ option

Click on the ‘Staff’ option

Click on the Staff Member name. Need to repeat the next steps for every staff member

  • API access to all staff members should have been enabled by default, if not please follow the instructions

  • In the ‘Staff Information’ tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page

  • Look for ‘API Access Privileges’ heading, underneath that heading -> the check boxes next to the ‘Full’ & ‘Authorise 3rd Party Full Access’ options should be ticked

Click the ‘Save’ button -> this action will save the selection

Once Saved -> it will take you back to the staff list page. Clicking on the staff member’s name and scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will be able to see that ‘Authorise 3rd Party Full Access’ is checked

With the latest updates, to enable Xero integration -> users need to connect using their Xero credentials

  • When logged into InfoTrack website, please click on this icon in the righthand corner of the top bar
  • Click the connect button, you will be forwarded to a Xero authentication page

  • Please enter your Xero username and password

  • Click the ‘Log in’ button after entering your Xero username and password
  • If two-factor authentication is enabled, please enter the ‘code’ and ‘confirm’

Once your iconnect button is connected to XERO, it should turn green.
Simply click on the button and select the matter and order from there.

1. Login to Smokeball  2. Go to the Smokeball Settings  File → Smokeball Settings 3. Select InfoTrack as your search Provider Integrated Searching → Select InfoTrack → Click Authorise
Open a matter and click on the InfoTrack Tab In the tab, it will show the history of orders for that matter, to start searching with InfoTrack just click on the ‘New Searches’ Button which will direct you to the InfoTrack website.