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InfoTrack Integration is designed to provide client centric access to InfoTrack searches via the Reckon APS PM Client Console.

Integration provides the following features:
• Automatic authenticated login to InfoTrack website to create new searches
• Automatic linking of the search to the client in the console
• Saving of the search report to the DMS (ADM, Virtual Cabinet or iManage)
• Charging of the disbursement directly to the Client/Matter

To be able to create a search the following are required:
• JOE permission to create searches
• The client must have a Matter with Disbursements enabled

Searches are created and stored against matters only. There is a new Client Console Page called InfoTrack, this is located in both the Client and Matter bands (JOE permitting). The client context shows all searches for the client, the matter context shows searches specific to the selected matter.

The following System and User Settings are used to configure InfoTrack integration

Setting Definition
InfoTrack Company Password InfoTrack password
InfoTrack Company User Name InfoTrack username
InfoTrack Disbursement ID ID of the Disbursement created for InfoTrack charges
InfoTrack DMS Code Integrated DMS:
Advance for ADM
VC for Virtual Cabinet
IManage for IManage
User can use company credentials True – allows users to create Searches without having their own InfoTrack user credentials

False – each user must have their own InfoTrack username and password to be able to create searches

User names and passwords provided by InfoTrack for individual users are entered into the Fee Earner Console. There are 2 new fields for this.

JOE security is one new set of permissions for InfoTrack, these are located in the Central Console section as below.

Settings are:

View Allowed: Allows the user access to the InfoTrack Console, this includes viewing the Search Document related to the search that is stored in the DMS system

Create New Search: Allows the user to create new searches (may require an InfoTrack login and password, depending on SUPs setting)

View online: Allows the user to open the search online without having their own username and password.

As the InfoTrack disbursements are created automatically a new Disbursement Type is created that is used specifically for InfoTrack searches. As each search is completed and imported into Reckon APS, the disbursement charge is automatically created in a batch called InfoTrack which will have its status set to “Complete”, indicating this is ready to post.

Below is an example of the disbursement type created for InfoTrack.

New Search

To create a new search:

From the InfoTrack page in either the client or matter band, in the Action menu, select “Create new search”

If searching from the Matter Console page, the search with be initiated and you will be taken to the InfoTrack search page (within your default Web browser).

If searching from the Client Console page and the client has more than one active Matter with disbursements enabled, then the user will be presented with a list of active Matters to select a Matter for the search to be linked to.

You will then be logged into the InfoTrack search page with the matter ID pre-populated and non- editable ready for the user to commence their search.

Once the search has been completed, select Refresh from the Action menu

The search will be displayed

The document column will only show in the grid if an InfoTrack DMS code is provided in SUPS.

This is the Search Document file number when VC is the DMS used. Click on it and it will open

the PDF report of the search.

Where ADM is the DMS used, the document column will show the document description.

Searching where an ACN number exists for the client

The ACN number will pre-populate

Disbursement Charge

The integration process will create a completed disbursement batch for the InfoTrack search at the total cost of the search as charged by InfoTrack.

Completed Disbursement Header

Disbursement charge information.

The narration includes different information dependant on the type of search.

Create New Search is disabled

Causes for the “Create New Search” function to be disabled
1) JOE security has not been enabled for New Searches
2) InfoTrack User name and password have not been specified for the fee earner (where SUPS require an individual user account be used)

Search does not appear in the grid after Action/Refresh

InfoTrack Services have not been started – check via Services(Local), the status should show ‘Running’.

Right mouse ‘Start’ for each InfoTrack Service if the service status is not ‘Running’.

1. Login to Smokeball  2. Go to the Smokeball Settings  File → Smokeball Settings 3. Select InfoTrack as your search Provider Integrated Searching → Select InfoTrack → Click Authorise
Open a matter and click on the InfoTrack Tab In the tab, it will show the history of orders for that matter, to start searching with InfoTrack just click on the ‘New Searches’ Button which will direct you to the InfoTrack website.