ASIC Company Search

ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator. ASIC enforces company and financial services laws and informs the public about Australian companies to protect consumers, investors and creditors.

As an approved ASIC information broker, InfoTrack provides a complete range of ASIC Company Searches and ASIC Business Name Searches from the ASIC Register. Conducting an ASIC Search will instantly return detailed real-time information relating to a person or company, including status, directors, shareholders, addresses, and history. With InfoTrack you are also able to look up the ASIC ACN number and/or ABN number and verify the search for free.

Key features of ASIC Searches

  • Receive a complimentary REVEAL workspace and Credit Report with each ASIC Extract.
  • Order ASIC & PPSR Searches simultaneously.
  • Conduct bulk ASIC Searches and copy & paste up to 50 companies at a time.
  • Auto email bulk ASIC Search results in a single email.
  • Export ASIC Search results to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Free ASIC ACN & ABN Search/lookup and verification.
  • Free document list lookup and order without company extract.

InfoTrack ASIC Extracts – 3x the value in one search

Ordering your ASIC Extract from InfoTrack gives you three times the value at no additional charge. Each ASIC Extract you order from InfoTrack returns a single PDF including the Extract, a CreditorWatch Credit Report and a REVEAL data visualisation workspace. These additional features provide you with a more detailed picture of the company you're searching, allowing for deeper levels of due diligence.

1) ASIC Extract

Verify the legitimacy of an entity by viewing details including company directors, secretaries, shareholders, registered office addresses, appointments of external auditors, liquidators and administrators, document details and ACN/ABN lookup.

2) CreditorWatch Credit Report*

Assess the credit worthiness of the company you're searching through a snapshot of the its credit history. The Credit Report details risk data associated with the company including court judgments, payment defaults, insolvency notices, mercantile enquires, credit enquiries and credit score.

*Not available to Accountancy & Insolvency clients

3) REVEAL workspace

View a simple visual diagram that maps out relationships between people, companies and assets. Easily see shareholder percentages, track changes to corporate structure, filter your results and export data in various formats.

ASIC & PPSR Combined Report

When ordering an ASIC Search from InfoTrack, you have the option of including a PPSR Search which will return a Combined Report along with your ASIC and PPSR results in one PDF. The Combined Report uses smart technology to collate data from your ASIC and PPSR Search results and highlight areas of potential risk. 

The Combined Report includes ASIC & PPSR results along with the following:

  • Summary of ASIC & PPSR Data

A colour-coded summary of your search information which highlights areas of risk and allows for easier and faster consumption of ASIC & PPSR data.

  • CreditorWatch Credit Report

A snapshot of the company’s credit history details risk data including court judgments, payment defaults, insolvency notices, mercantile enquires, credit enquiries and credit score.

  • REVEAL workspace

A simple visualisation maps out relationships between people, companies and assets allowing you to easily view shareholder percentages and changes to corporate structure.

Available ASIC Company Searches:

Company Check Name Availability

ASIC Business Check Name Availability and ASIC Business Name Search

ASIC Business Name Holder – Organisation

ASIC Business Name Holder – Person

SMSF Auditor Search


FAQ: What is the difference between starting an ASIC Search with an ACN number or ABN number?

An ACN is a unique 9 digit number that all Australian companies are issued when registered by ASIC, which identifies it on a range of documents. An ABN is a unique identifier issued by the Australian Business Register (ABR) which is operated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and is issued to all entities carrying on a business. InfoTrack allows you to lookup the ASIC ACN number and verify the company for free as well as the ABN number and you can start the ASIC Search with either the ACN, ABN or Business Name.