Company registration

InfoTrack offers you a streamlined, fast and efficient way to complete, execute and lodge documents involved in registering and incorporating a company without leaving our system. We have links to ASIC which means you can register/incorporate a company nearly instantly from the InfoTrack system.

Why register companies through InfoTrack?

  • Access a FREE interactive visualisation of the company structure through REVEAL to share with your client.
  • Request ASIC alerts during the registration process to receive email notifications whenever a change is lodged with ASIC.
  • Complete registration with greater accuracy with pre-validation of the form before submission to ASIC.
  • Order a professionally printed Company Register binder with two bound copies of the Company Constitution.
  • Integrate registration into your regular workflow with all documents and disbursements returned to the matter in real time.
  • Don't pay any subscription fees,  simply pay per company registration.

Discretionary trusts

When registering a company through InfoTrack, you also have the ability to prepare a discretionary trust. InfoTrack's Discretionary Trust is prepared by LegalVison, specialists in corporate law and Australia's leading online legal services provider.

Which documents do I receive with the company registration?

  • Official certificate of registration and ACN
  • Company officer consent forms, including address consents
  • Application for shares
  • Opening company minutes
  • Share member register
  • Other registers, including Register of Options, Register of Debentures, Register of Directors, Company Seal Register, Forms Lodged Register
  • Share certificates
  • Blank consents, share applications and share certificates
  • Constitution with Div 7A loan clauses
  • Client Copy of F201 form lodgement

Start registering companies through InfoTrack

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Receive a free REVEAL workspace with every registration

Try the below three features to see how REVEAL simplifies company data.


Hover over the funnel icon, then tick a relationship or entity type to focus on. You can filter your results by company, persons, addresses, documents or relationships (including directors, shareholders, grantors and secured parties).


Click 'timeline' at the top and use the arrows to browse through history. The visual timeline shows changes to corporate structure at important points in time such as cause of action, payment to preferred creditors or disposal of assets.


Click 'events' at the top to toggle on and off events view. This shows a timeline of specific events including appointment of directors and secretaries and change of registered business address.