Company registration

InfoTrack now offers you a streamlined, fast and efficient way to complete, execute and lodge documents involved in registering and incorporating a company without leaving our system. We have links to ASIC which means you can register/incorporate a company nearly instantly from the InfoTrack system.

Why register companies through InfoTrack?
  • Easily complete the form in minutes and with greater accuracy thanks to smart technology. We've programmed rules into the form to help you fill it out properly and prompt you to correct any errors before submitting to ASIC.
  • We auto-check the company name with ASIC as soon as you enter it into the form to ensure that it's available.
  • This service is integrated into your regular InfoTrack workflow so all documents and disbursements will be returned to the matter in real time.
  • There are no subscription fees, you simply pay per company registration.
What do I receive with the company registration?
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Corporations Act Replaceable Rules
  • Minutes of First Meeting of Directors and Initial Members
  • Appointment of Public Officer
  • Consent to Act as a Director
  • Consent to Act as a Secretary
  • Register of Officers
  • Consent to be a Member and Hold Shares
  • Share Certificate
  • Register of Members
  • Adoption of Replaceable Rules