ASIC Professional Register

ASIC's Professional Registers provide information about 'professional' organisations and people, including liquidators, auditors and licensees.

This ASIC extract will include information on an individual such as their current place of practice, companies in which they have a recorded role, company address and the dates of appointment and cessation. The registers that can be chosen from within the InfoTrack system include:

  • Futures Broker
  • Futures Dealer
  • Investment Adviser
  • Official Liquidators
  • Registered Auditor
  • Registered Liquidators

ASIC Banned and Disqualified Register Search

Results from this search contain details of persons who have been disqualified from managing companies under the Corporations Act where ASIC has received express notice of the disqualification under the Act. The extract will include information such as the individuals address, the dates the bans commenced and ceased and whether the ban is under appeal. The registers that can be chosen from include:

  • Banned futures representatives
  • Banned Securities representative
  • Disqualified directors