QVAS Sales and Property Reports

QVAS (Queensland Valuation and Sales) provides property information including Sales data on properties that change hand within the state of Queensland. Information is collected from both internal and external sources of the Queensland Government.

Searching these reports are quite easy. Either by Street Address or Lot/Plan.

The Queensland Government have available 3 types of report to be used:

  1. Sales Data Listing Report – providing full detail of the sale of property
  2. Abbreviated Sales Data Listing Report – providing an abbreviated version of the above report
  3. Full Property Report – providing detail on Service Address, Property Value and Planning information

The data is very helpful to firms, however data is not Government guaranteed.

QVAS Search features and benefits

  • Ability to order reports by Lot/Plan or Street Address
  • Ability to browse returned results
  • Real-time report result
  • Ability to obtain information on the Sale date and price of a particular property
  • Ability to obtain the address for service of the Vendor