E-conveyancing - more than e-settlements

Did you know that all essential parts of the conveyancing process can now be done electronically including verification of identity, contracts, exchange, and settlement? If you are ready to adopt the end-to-end e-conveyancing process below, then you're in a great position to create more value for your firm, your clients and to stand out from your competitors.

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Our products

At InfoTrack, we understand e-conveyancing might be daunting. To combat this, we offer products that can save you time, allow you to sign and settle electronically or offer safe and secure deposits. Whatever you need, we can find a solution.

WebVOI is our online platform that simplifies and streamlines verification of identity.

I want easy VOI

Auto populate your electronic document data from your title search and other documents.

I want electronic contracts

PlanIT is an online portal that makes off-the-plan projects easier than ever.

I want simple off-the-plan contracts

SignIT is an electronic signing tool that enables you to sign documents online in a few steps.

I want to sign electronically

Protect your transactions from the prying eyes of cybercriminals and guarantee your deposit.

Protect me from cybercrime

A shared network of specialist agents that handle e-settlement processing on your behalf.

I want to save time

We integrate with 30+ practice management systems. Save time by avoiding re-keying data.

I want integration

Our next-generation HelpDesk provides complimentary assistance for all our products.

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InfoTrack and ASX collaborate to bring you seamless electronic settlement.

I want to settle electronically

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