InfoTrack's Executive Leadership Board

InfoTrack is run by the Executive Leadership Board who between them cover all facets of the InfoTrack Australian business. From Marketing, HR and Operations to Product, Finance and Sales, when this team work together, nothing can get in their way.


Meet the team

Meet the team who run the number one information broker in Australia. If you’d like to know a little more about who they are and how they fit into the InfoTrack landscape, then have a read. You can even get in touch with any of them for an informal chat –they won’t bite!


Stephen Wood
Chairman: InfoTrack Group of Companies

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John Ahern

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Fiona Crawford
General Manager, Human Resources

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Joel Cunningham
General Manager, Innovation

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Tony Ghiazza
Chief Financial Officer

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Roni Millard
General Manager, Marketing

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Denis Niclair
General Manager, Major Accounts

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Helvi Rossi
General Manager, Operations

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Daniel Ryding
Chief Technology Officer

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Dennis Wade
NZ Country Manager

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Rosey Perez
Head of Products

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