Protecting your business

Every business knows there are risks involved in transactions. Whether you’re taking on a new client, investing in a new venture, partnering with another company, leasing equipment or interacting with unknown entities, each new transaction presents its own set of unique risks. It’s important that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision in any situation.

Conducting due diligence doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide a range of solutions that help you find the information you need to understand who you’re dealing with and mitigate your risk. We also help you visualise the results to paint a clearer picture of the situation and make it easier to interpret the data.

Identify risks
Conduct in-depth searches
Streamline compliance
Keep comprehensive records
Prevent fraud
Safeguard your clients
Protect your assets
Guard your reputation

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Solutions to help with due diligence


Verify identity with an easy online tool that scans IDs to run them through facial recognition and document verification for additional measures of due diligence. Learn more about WebVOI.


Easily manages your PPSR registrations to protect your property and search the register before hiring or buying property. Learn more about PPSR.


Delve behind the corporate veil with our international company searching platform. Use one simple search to collect, assess and verify information on people or companies. Learn more about KYCIT.


Use this interactive workspace to instantly map out relationships between people, companies and assets in one simple visualisation. Learn more about REVEAL.

Due diligence news & insights

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New updates provide clarity on electronic signature usage

On May 6, the Federal Treasurer issued a legislative update allowing company officers to sign documents electronically. These changes will be valid for six months and do not apply to foreign companies...

Executing NSW paper land dealings and instruments during the COVID-19 pandemic

Restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19 have made it difficult to prepare, sign and witness paper land dealings. All land dealings involve a combination of steps, including: verification of ident...

Witness regulation eased in NSW for document signing

Yesterday, the NSW Government passed new signing regulations allowing the witnessing and attestation of documents to take place by audio visual link. These changes are implemented from April 22 to Sep...

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Recently, Revenue NSW announced an update that commencing May 4, 2020, “all complex assessing and refund applications must be lodged digitally through our eDuties service.” This is a result of the unp...

Is your Verification of Identity solution right for you?

Since COVID-19 and the necessity of working from home, as well as ARNECC’s updated verification of identity (VOI) recommendations, new VOI solutions are emerging almost daily. However, it is important...