The new standard in property exchange

Securexchange provides all parties in a property transaction with a safe environment to confirm bank account details and arrange deposit and exchange.

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Securexchange is accessible only to an authorised network of verified users and requires multi-factor authentication.
Easily update one another on progress of the transaction with a simple traffic light system.
If the deposit is transferred to the trust account verified in Securexchange, your deposit funds are guaranteed.

Cybercrime stats

In 2016-2018, 45% of Australian companies were attacked by online criminals.

In 2018 there were 57,060 reports of attempts to gain personal information in Australia with a financial loss totalling $10,297,195.

36% of businesses hit by fraud reported a high impact on reputation and brand strength.

Who is Securexchange for?


Lawyers and conveyancers

Buyers or sellers

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