What Information does the ASIC & PPSR Combined Report contain?

The Report contains the following information:
ASIC Company Extract (either Current or Current & Historical).
PPSR Comprehensive Summary.
A REVEAL diagram displaying the corporate structure in a visual format.

The order also has access to the individual documents that are sourced from both ASIC and PPSR databases.

When do I receive a Combined ASIC & PPSR Report from InfoTrack?

The Report is automatically generated upon the user selecting to order an ASIC Company extract at the same time as ordering a PPSR search.

Can I change my account settings regarding receiving the Report?

Yes you can. If this Report is not suitable for your type of legal matter this settings can be changed by going to:
• Your Name (Account Name)
• Edit Details
• Settings
• Deselect ‘Automatically Create ASIC and PPSR Combined Report’

Also our friendly staff on the National Helpdesk are available to assist you in changing this setting. Phone 1800 738 524 to get in touch.

Is there an additional cost to this Report?

No additional cost to this Report other than the standard fees associated with ordering the ASIC Company Search extract and PPSR Searches via InfoTrack. InfoTrack offer this product as a value add to your existing search experience.

What is REVEAL?

Powered by InfoTrack, REVEAL offers a far easier way of analysing, interpreting and presenting information that will save you valuable time and allow you to present information to your client in an easier and more understandable manner.

Ordering an ASIC Company and Business Name Search, PPSR Search or Bankruptcy Search has never been so easy. Using the InfoTrack system you will have the ability to extract and display the data in a visualised format allowing you to manage your data explosions.

• Gives smaller firms a competitive edge by enabling them analyse data quicker and provide a higher level of service to customers.
• Enables firms to effectively meet risk and compliance obligations by comparing documentation from your search results with the related REVEAL diagram.

Best of all REVEAL visualisation is FREE.

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