What is Verification of Identity (VOI)?

Verification of Identity (VOI) is an identification process, enabling businesses to ensure that they are dealing with the correct individual.

Legislation surrounding VOI differs by state in Australia. In NSW, SA, QLD, WA and VIC there are VOI requirements set in place that apply to solicitors and conveyancers. Under these requirements, the identity of an individual should be verified in all conveyancing transactions, so that lawyers and conveyancers know that the individual has authority to deal with the land. NT, TAS and ACT don’t currently have any legislation requirements in place.


WebVOI brings verification of identity to the next level to help ensure you're taking reasonable steps. It goes far beyond simply storing copies of identity documents; it reads, scans and compares IDs using facial recognition and the latest technology to flag authenticity concerns.

WebVOI integrates with over 30 practice management systems to streamline your due diligence and simplify client on boarding. It extracts and inputs data directly from identity documents to ensure greater accuracy and save you time.

Three layers of verification

WebVOI is powered by InfoCheck and uses the latest technology to help assess the authenticity of identity documents.

Document Verification Service (DVS)

We submit eligible identity documents to the national verification service which compares them to Australian Government records and checks if the details are still valid.

Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition technology detects facial patterns and matches images regardless of angle, posture, lighting, facial hair or whether the user is wearing glasses.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Our OCR technology extracts text from images and auto-populates the data into our WebVOI platform to ensure identifying information is recorded faster and more accurately.

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InfoTrack provides an easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to verify your client’s identity from the comfort of your own office.