What is Electronic Duties Return (EDR)?

Electronic Duties Return (EDR) is a service that allows an approved person (EDR client) to electronically assess and endorse a range of duties transactions, and pay duty by way of a periodic remittance.

Benefits of using InfoTrack for EDR

As InfoTrack is a registered Client Service Provider (CSP) with Revenue NSW, you are only one click away from accessing Electronic Duties Returns (EDR).

InfoTrack offers extremely easy access to EDR for all online clients, with unlimited support and a first class service only a phone call away.

InfoTrack’s intuitive online EDR form is easy to complete and allows for over 25 transaction types to be stamped online within the comfort of your desktop.

Additional benefits of the EDR include a unique save feature that allows EDR transactions to be prepared, stored and reviewed at a later date prior to order and preparation of the Return Period Invoice only takes seconds to prepare. If your current Practice Management system integrates with InfoTrack, data already entered will seamlessly populate to all relevant fields saving time having to rekey.

By using EDR you will improve your customer service to clients by delivering fast and efficient services within your firm.