What is Verification of Identity (VOI)?

Verification of Identity (VOI) is an identification process, enabling businesses to ensure that they are dealing with the correct individual.

Australia’s current VOI legislation

Legislation surrounding VOI differs by state in Australia. In NSW, SA, QLD, WA and VIC there are VOI requirements set in place that apply to solicitors and conveyancers. Under these requirements, the identity of an individual should be verified in all conveyancing transactions, so that lawyers and conveyancers know that the individual has authority to deal with the land.

NT, TAS and ACT don’t currently have any legislation requirements in place.

However, despite the fact that legislation isn’t compulsory for all industries, actively practicing your due diligence should be of top priority and gives you a competitive advantage.

VOI Made Simple

InfoTrack now provides you with choice when conducting your VOI’s. By putting the power in your hands, you get to control the entire VOI experience.

In Person

Complete a Verification of Identity face-to-face with your client

DIY - Coming Soon

Verify your client’s identity by allowing them to upload copies of their identity documents securely

Agent - Coming Soon

Arrange for your client to attend an InfoTrack office to have their identity verified by an authorised representative.

How do you really know who you’re dealing with?

At InfoTrack, we understand that information related to the Verification of Identity of your clients is of paramount importance to you. We take the validity of your client’s sensitive information very seriously and that’s why our Web VOI offering has a number of additional measures included so that you can ensure you really know who you’re working with.

Document Verification Service (DVS)

The Document Verification Service (DVS) helps you to build greater confidence in the identity of your clients and protecting them from identity crime.

DVS is a national online system that allows organisations to compare a customer’s identifying information with a government record (driver’s licence/passport/birth certificate). The DVS is a secure system that operates 24/7 and matches key details contained on Australian-issued identifying credentials.

DVS is an efficient and secure way to check customer identity information on Australian issued identity documents. For more information on DVS, click here https://secure.prm.net.au/DVS.html

Facial Recognition

Continually learning, always improving. Our facial biometric technology conducts a direct comparison between a government certified image (for example: a driver’s licence or passport) and a self-taken photo to verify authenticity. The facial recognition system uses deep learning algorithms to detect facial patterns and match images regardless of angle, posture, lighting, facial hair or whether the user is wearing glasses.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

InfoTrack’s Web VOI utilises the latest in character recognition technology, leveraging Google’s Vision API to detect, identify and extract text from a wide variety of primary identifying documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detects text within an image, identifies what language is present and extracts the text with precision and certainty. OCR takes the work out of verifying identity, speeding up the process by pre-filling data points and removing the worry of incorrectly putting in the wrong data.