VOI mobile application


InfoTrack has won two ABA100 Business Awards for our mobile verification of identity application, IDfy, now available on Android.





VOI made simple

InfoTrack now provides an easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to verify your client’s identity from the comfort of your own office.

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Placing power with you

IDfy puts the power in your hands and offers you control of the entire VOI experience. With no need to scan, copy or physically file identity documents you can stay with your client throughout the VOI process giving that personal one-to-one experience.

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Single VOI report per client

We provide a service whereby clients or verified parties can confirm that an IDfy VOI has been carried out through InfoTrack. This added feature allows you to increase client satisfaction, as repeat VOIs are not required.

Built by us for you

We are proud that IDfy is an Australian product, born and bred. Home-grown, we’ve used innovation to build IDfy to enrich your workflow and improve the client experience you offer.

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Peace of mind

From fraud to identity theft, the writings on the wall when it comes to questioning how safe your client data is. IDfy helps eliminate risk by securely storing client data for you.

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What is verification of identity (VOI)?

The Verification of Identity (VOI) Requirements across the various states provides a framework for legal practitioners, conveyancers or mortgagees to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of a party to a conveyancing transaction. This acts to protect and reduce the potential risk of land title fraud and improper dealings.

What is required for verification of identity (VOI)?

In odrer to verify your client’s identity, your client will need to provide you with original, up-to-date documents in one of the below categories.

What are the ARNECC Model Participation Rules?

Conveyancing rules require practitioners to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of their clients. What constitutes reasonable steps is dependent on the circumstances of each individual case. Further enquiries should be made where doubt arises, or should reasonably have arisen, in relation to a transaction and a person’s identity. In cases where verification is unable to be conducted face-to-face due to remoteness, IDfy’s ‘remote’ option allows you to complete the verification by electronic means and conduct further steps to satisfy yourself of the person’s identity.  Conducting verification electronically is mentioned in the ARNECC Model Participation Rules Guidance Note 2 [page 5, 5.5 Further Steps].

Download IDfy from the App Store or Google Play.

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