IDfy - InfoTrack's VOI Solution

Imagine having the ability to verify your client’s identity using the convenience of your mobile device. With InfoTrack's IDfy, this is now a reality. IDfy’s intuitive technology provides a faster and more personable VOI process that enables you to focus on your client.

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What is VOI?

VOI, or Verification of Identity, is a mandatory practice where lawyers and conveyancing have to verify their clients identities to reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft and risk of property fraud.

VOI Legislation

Government legislation around conveyancing is changing to ensure that lawyers and conveyancers conduct due diligence to identify their clients. InfoTrack’s IDfy fully supports the effort to keep fraud and identity theft at bay and helps you remain compliant with VOI standards across Australia. If you want to help in the reduction of land title fraud, strengthen security, lay the foundation for e-conveyancing and align yourself with IDfy - then look no further.

Legislation is already in place in both WA and SA that requires lawyers, conveyancers and mortgagees to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of a party to a conveyancing transaction. As of 9 November 2015, updated VOI standards will apply to all paper instruments in VIC and for all mortgagees in NSW.

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