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Simplify your off-the-plan projects with our online portal for bulk contract creation, signing and settlement booking.

Ensure you’re taking reasonable steps with our award-winning verification of identity (VOI) web application.

Visualise company structures and relationships instantly with our interactive workspace.

Sign any document electronically from wherever you are. Secure. Fast. Easy.

Receive complimentary support for all products that is transparent, efficient and friendly.

Cost recovery capture

Complete electronic conveyancing workflow

Reduced order time by up to 30%


Standardised process

Complimentary training and support


We integrate with over 20 practice management systems (PMS).



legal education ebook
2017 legal education eBook
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InfoTrack CEO John Ahern sat down with several legal industry leaders to explore how technological innovation is changing the legal industry.

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The definitive guide to navigating e-Conveyancing in Australia
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Since August 2016, we've run over 60 e-Conveyancing roadshows for over 4,500 practitioners across Australia.

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8 common e-Conveyancing myths dispelled
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Our recent survey of over 300 practitioners indicated that only 54% thought it was realistic that conveyancing be 100% digital by 2019.

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Exchange your contracts in under 30 minutes
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Ever dreamt you could execute a Contract for Sale in under 30 minutes? Now you can, through InfoTrack’s e-Conveyancing platform. Watch now!

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An e-Conveyancing story
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Claire Martin, solicitor and head of property at Kreisson, discusses her experience with eConveyancing and how she is helping her office go digital.

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VOI Pack
Your source for VOI rules & requirements
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Our VOI packs bring together the rules, requirements and other resources for easy reference including:

- ARNECC Guidance Notes
- VOI reasonable steps flow chart
And more...

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