Section 32 (Vendors) Statement

InfoTrack now provides you with the easiest and most efficient way to prepare and sign your Section 32 Statement. You can now order your Section 32 along with all your searches and certificates from InfoTrack in a few simple clicks through our seamless online platform and then prepare your Contract of Sale of Real Estate entirely online and exchange this from the one system.

At InfoTrack, we understand the ins and outs of a conveyancing practitioner’s day to day. Every Contract is different and there’s always pressure to push transactions forward. The average conveyancer spends around 50% of their day preparing statements and contracts which is often a time-consuming and manual process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our technology saves you time and effort by allowing you to easily create a single PDF of all the required Section 32 documents followed by the Contract of Sale of Real Estate without the need to print, collate and scan. The statement can then be uploaded to our SignIT platform to allow for secure electronic signing via DocuSign or you have the ability to revert to the manual signing process after electronically creating the document.

Secure. Fast. Easy.

Features & benefits

One source
Order your Section 32, searches and certificates in a few clicks all in our online platform.
Time saving
No need to manually print, collate and scan documents to compile the statement.
Single PDF
Compile the entire statement into a single combined .pdf that you can easily edit, save, print and email.
Easily edit the Section 32 and contract online with the ability to import additional documents and rearrange the order.
Easy upload to SignIT
Upload the Section 32 for Signing in one click on our easy to use system and SignIT
Fully secure signing process via DocuSign. Tracked by the latest technology with an audit trail report provided post transaction.
Green process
Allows for a paperless conveyancing process - no more printing reams of paper and multiple copies of the same documents.
Automatic notification
Once the vendor has signed the statement, an email notification is sent with a copy of the statement attached. The SignIT dashboard is also updated to reflect that the statement has been signed.