Sydney Water Service Location Diagram

A service location print shows:

  • pipes and structures on a property
  • the property's point of connection to our sewer system.

Selling agents and conveyancers use the diagram to provide information about our pipes. This certificate is available from directly within the InfoTrack System.

The information on this diagram helps you check:

  • if the property has a point of connection to our sewer system
  • where the point of connection to our sewer system is (it may be on another property)
  • where our pipes are located
  • how close the existing building is to our pipes
  • if you need to find out if we gave approval for the building.

Service Location Diagram features and benefits

  • InfoTrack's system automatically picks up the council locality of the property and alerts you to which certificates are relevant for that property.
  • Ability to chase waiting certificates and view updates through the iSupport System