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You’re only one click away from the support you need with iSupport, InfoTrack’s next generation HelpDesk.

Get help online in just a few seconds with our easy-to-use features.



iSupport in a nutshell

Chase Waiting Certificates

Track the progress of your property certificate through Waiting Certificates and ask us to chase them simply by the click of your mouse.


Complete transparency on all your HelpDesk calls and their progress through Notifications.

Request a Callback

Request Callback option on all transactional pages enabling you to obtain support from our Customer Support team without picking up the phone.

"InfoTrack’s service is highly automated, delivering tens of thousands of certificates and information searches to our clients every day.

However, we still appreciate that personal assistance and that extra TLC has its place for some of our clients and so ensuring that they receive nothing less than a well-informed and special service is our top priority.

So it’s a real privilege to present iSupport – InfoTrack’s next generation of HelpDesk support.

An in-house built HelpDesk, iSupport is an easy to use, transparent service which offers a far richer, more satisfying client experience."

Helvi Rossi 
InfoTrack General Manager, Operations

iSupport Logo

Nobody supports you better


The InfoTrack customer is the purpose of my work. I always strive to give our customers more than they expect.


Service is not just what we do, but who we are at InfoTrack.


I believe real service is to offer something that can not be bought, and that is sincerity and integrity.

What our clients are already saying about iSupport

"I am enjoying the ease of chasing that the new feature creates."

"Oh wow, I LOVE IT!"

"Great and super easy to use."

"Very Impressive, well done."

5 signs you need iSupport

As leaders in the market, we have innovatively built a way to put you in control that no other provider offers. We understand your time is precious and want to continue to provide you with the highest quality of service that we can. We are handing the power over to you. If any of these statements resonate with you, then look no further than iSupport because nobody supports you better.

You’re incredibly busy and you get a call back from our Customer Support team but it’s the wrong time to talk.

iSupport Request Callback allows you to tell us what time is most appropriate to call you back without picking up the phone.

You’ve no idea of the latest status of your batch of property certificates and you’ve got clients you need to update.

iSupport Waiting Certificates gives you total transparency with a tracking bar to view the status of all your property certificates.

You’re juggling many things at once but still need to keep on top of the HelpDesk calls you’ve raised with InfoTrack.

iSupport Notifications allows you to view all your HelpDesk calls and their progress whether they are raised online or via phone.

You’re snowed under with pressing client matters and wish you could get someone from InfoTrack to help you with your query.

iSupport Request Callback button is available on all transactional pages enabling you to obtain support from our team without picking up the phone.

You need to urgently chase a certificate but don’t have the time to pick up the phone.

iSupport Waiting Certificates gives you the upper hand to notify us to chase your outstanding property certificate by the click of your mouse.

Quick Stats

We answer over 120,000 online and phone queries annually.

Our National Customer Support team has extensive legal and conveyancing backgrounds accumulative to an impressive 95 years wealth of knowledge.

We survey on average 125 clients daily. 80% of them say we are great.

Over 80% of our clients who had their support call resolved in one call rated their experience with our support team as high.

Over 70% of the reason our Customer Support team was rated highly is because of our friendliness.

We have over 40 dedicated and helpful Customer Support staff ready to assist you in any way we can.

When it comes to our staff friendliness, helpfulness, resolution speed and knowledge, our clients rate us 8.2 out of 10.