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Every business knows there are risks involved in transactions. Whether you’re taking on a new client, investing in a new venture, partnering with another company, leasing equipment or interacting with unknown entities, each new transaction presents its own set of unique risks. It’s important that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision in any situation.

Conducting due diligence doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide a range of solutions that help you find the information you need to understand who you’re dealing with and mitigate your risk. We also help you visualise the results to paint a clearer picture of the situation and make it easier to interpret the data.

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Our corporate & accounting products

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Over the years our competitors have tried to emulate our genius integration formula but with 18 years of expertise, knowledge and proficiency, we pride ourselves on offering an integrated solution that is seamless and facilitates efficiency for you and your third party practice management systems, document management solutions and accounting software.

Corporate & accounting news & insights

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In the Torrens system, registration (without fraud) is still trumps

The recently reported case, Perebo Pty Ltd v Wayville Residential Investments Pty Ltd and Ors  SASC 35  Stanley J., enforced the indefeasibility of title obtained by registration in the absence of fr...

Five sales tips for legal and conveyancing practitioners

The perception of ‘sales’ from people not directly involved in sales tends to be that it’s a scary practice that they want to stay well clear of. Salespeople sometimes have a reputation of being pushy...

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4 ways to protect against cyber phishing

Phishing is an increasing threat in Australia with the ACCC recording 24,291 reports of phishing attempts in 2018. Phishing is when cybercriminals pretend to be companies or individuals to obtain sens...

What you need to know about cybersecurity in 2019

From 2016-2018, nearly half of Australian companies were hit by cybercrime (source). It's no wonder cybersecurity has already proven to be a hot topic in 2019. On the heels of a number of high profile...