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With increasing incidents of cyber fraud, now more than ever, it is important to ensure the personal details of your clients are kept private. Verifying the identity of your clients is also crucial. InfoTrack provides a range of solutions that help you find the information you need, to understand who you’re dealing with and mitigate risk.

Stay relevant and get ahead by embracing the opportunities technology presents. Conducting due diligence doesn’t have to be complicated. InfoTrack's integrated platform enables you to find, analyse and communicate information efficiently and effectively.

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Our banking & finance products

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Banking & finance news & insights

3 ways to complete your NSW Electronic Duties Return (EDR) or eDuties services

Recently, Revenue NSW announced an update that commencing May 4, 2020, “all complex assessing and refund applications must be lodged digitally through our eDuties service.” This is a result of the unp...

3 ways to become more efficient with e-signing

E-signing is fast becoming the easiest and fastest way to sign documentation. Not only does it save your firm time, but reduces costs and administration work too. Customers needs are changing fast and...

Three changes business owners can make in the new year

December is the ideal time to set the goals you want to achieve in the new year. With proper planning, you can make resolutions you’ll actually keep. Embrace these three changes to achieve your busine...

Four steps to help you conduct your due diligence

Identity crime is happening in Australia today. In fact, according to the Australian Federal Police, it is one of the most common crimes affecting the Australian community, costing upwards of $1.6 bil...

5 attributes of a successful firm

Whilst technological shifts lead the range of disruptive factors in the legal industry, here at FilePro we understand that lawyers are now driving change, rather than being ‘disrupted’. We work with f...

Is your firm adapting to changing consumer behaviour?

There was a time when a consumer’s purchasing needs and opportunities were restricted: when the shop closed, so did their ability shop. Business and shopping hours were finite and limited. Inevitably,...

Five sales tips for legal and conveyancing practitioners

The perception of ‘sales’ from people not directly involved in sales tends to be that it’s a scary practice that they want to stay well clear of. Salespeople sometimes have a reputation of being pushy...

Are your emails at risk of cyber hacking?

We’ve heard of cases where hackers have intercepted high-value fund transfers, and we know how much more sophisticated they’re becoming. Their success stories have caused a raise in concern for the re...

4 ways to protect against cyber phishing

Phishing is an increasing threat in Australia with the ACCC recording 24,291 reports of phishing attempts in 2018. Phishing is when cybercriminals pretend to be companies or individuals to obtain sens...