• InfoTrack mission
    InfoTrack mission
    InfoTrack is a technology company that provides integrated searching and innovative services for professionals,
    businesses and individuals with property, company and personal search needs.

    • Seamless real-time integration
      Seamless real-time integration
      Data fields are mapped directly from your third-party software solution into InfoTrack for easy searching.

    InfoTrack services

    We provide easy-to-use technology that transforms how businesses and people connect, interact with each other and access information.

    Legal & Conveyancing

    Integrated searching and services that give you the gift of time.

    Corporate & Accounting

    Innovative products that increase efficiency and due diligence. 

    Banking & Finance

    Automated searches and services that mitigate risk.


    Property, company, and personal searches at the click of a button

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    Over 4,500 different products and services across a range of industries.

    About InfoTrack

    InfoTrack is an award-winning technology company that is helping a range of professionals and individuals in a digital age. We provide intuitive services that enable you to find, analyse, organise and communicate information efficiently and effectively. Our customers and clients tell us that the InfoTrack product suite is comprehensive, user friendly and that it continues to revolutionise their workflow, improve productivity, increase profitability whilst stimulating growth. We simply build smart technology that makes your life easier.

    What sets us apart


    Our innovative technology saves you time by pre-populating fields and making it easier to access and interpret data.

    Single login

    Our intuitive platform has over 4,500 searches and services available with your single InfoTrack login, saving you valuable time.


    We integrate with over 30 practice management systems to minimise re-keying data and increase accuracy.

    First class support

    Contact our local team of experts on the phone, request a call back or chase certificates online with our next-generation HelpDesk, iSupport.

    Improved workflow

    We provide a platform for seamless end-to-end conveyances without the need to print, manually collate, post or scan your documents.

    Instant searches

    Not a business? We provide a range of property, personal and company searches – pay by credit card and receive your results via email.


    Technology, thought leadership and legislative updates to keep you in the loop.

    CPD Events

    Complimentary seminars and webinars to support your professional development.


    Valuable downloadable content comprising of eBooks, infographics, reports and more to stimulate your thinking.