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Lexis Affinity™ Integration

InfoTrack is pleased to announce a new partnership with LexisNexis to bring you a better online search experience, through LexisNexis Searches within Lexis Affinity™.

Lexis Affinity™ is the leading legal software solution supporting productivity and growth for mid-tier law practices across the Pacific Region.- 

Why integrate Lexis Affinity™ with InfoTrack?

  • A seamless experience through LexisNexis Searches – As an InfoTrack user, we want to offer you a fully supported and integrated search experience with Lexis Affinity.
  • Automated disbursement posting – Avoid delays and effort posting disbursements. Our integrated service posts search fees into Affinity automatically, as soon as the results are delivered—making them available for billing immediately.
  • Automated document delivery – Have all the documents at your fingertips. Our integrated service also downloads documents direct to the relevant Affinity matter automatically, so you don’t have to file them.
  • Minimise re-key of data – No need to re-key, data fields are mapped from Affinity. 

Keep your Court matters up to date directly from Lexis Affinity with Court Sync

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