The Contract for Sale is available standalone under Searches, NSW, eCOS or when ordering a NSW Title Search under the Plans, Dealings and Certificates tab.
Yes, InfoTrack has a licence agreement for the 2016 Contract for Sale from the Law Society of NSW and REINSW.
The Contract for Sale can be printed as many times as required for that matter. Each time you purchase a Contract for Sale the general conditions are automatically watermarked with the property address entered.
No, the address watermarked over the general condition pages is proof of purchase.
As the Title Search is ordered first, InfoTrack is able to populate such data as the Title reference, property address, Vendor name, Vendors Solicitors details. If your firm uses a practice management system integrated with InfoTrack, other details such as the Real Estate Agent, purchasers, purchasers’ representative, purchase price, deposit, and balance can be populated.
The Contract once complied is in .pdf format and can be uploaded to SignIT to send to the purchaser(s) or emailed regularly.
Yes. This is ordered on the Plans, Dealings and Certificates tab in the title screen, where you order the documents for the second schedule.
You can process as one contract as you normally would. The watermarked address on the eCos is editable prior to ordering so you can ensure this is reflected on the contract pages.
InfoTrack compresses the file size up to 4mb.
Yes. If you use LEAP there is a mapping button to draw the information across.
InfoTrack have obtained written approval from the Commissioner of State Revenue confirming OSR accepts a printed copy of an eContract for the Sale of Land as deemed to be an approved form for the purpose of s15 and can therefore be duly stamped.


A transaction comprising of Offer and Acceptance in an electronic transaction.
An ‘electronic signature’ is any electronic method which carries the intention of being a signature. E.g. typing a name or other mark (for example, ‘X’) in a section of an online form and identifying this as a signature (E.g. by marking an acknowledgement to this effect).
Yes. As with majority of matters, Offer and Acceptance has already occurred before signing of contracts see Harvey v. Facey [1893]. The concepts that need to be satisfied in relation to electronic communication are Identification, Reliability and Consent.
No. A Contract for Sale of Land does not have to be witnessed. Practitioners/Conveyancers have taken reasonable steps to verify the identity of the parties prior to the e-signing processes.
No, as all the e-signatures are applied to the one final version of Contract all parties will be supplied with this original executed Contract.
Consent is normally obtained prior to invitation to e-sign. The option to decline is available within DocuSign, if one party declines then electronic exchange cannot proceed.
When placing your NSW Title Search order, the result would have either returned by email or to an integrated Practice Management System. Simply save this search result to a Local Folder on your PC to be able to import this back into eCOS service to compile your Contract.
If multiple vendors or purchasers are listed on the contract (separated by a comma) the SignIT platform identifies that there are multiple signing parties and makes allowance for the addition workflow based on the extra signatures.
SignIT will send multiple emails, each addressed to the individual parties with individual, unique links. This is much the same to sending a hard copy to one physical address for the two parties to sign.
DocuSign tracks the IP address and email address. You should also have verified your clients identity and the purchasers solicitor would also have verified their client.