What is e-Conveyancing? 

The conveyancing process consists of VOI > certificates > contract > signing > exchange > settlement. When you complete any part of the process electronically you're engaging in electronic conveyancing. The process is flexible - you can mix and match paper and electronic conveyancing in whatever way works best for your practice. You don't have to electronically sign an eCOS and you don't need an eCOS to electronically settle via PEXA. You can choose which steps to complete electronically and easily fall back to paper whenever you need to. It's that simple. 

For your reference, you can check the current transformational e-conveyancing dates outlined by each state here.

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Are you ready?

Both the NSW and Victorian governments have announced timelines to transition to 100% digital conveyancing by July 2019.

We've got the tools to help you go 100% digital.

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Our products

IDfy, InfoTrack's verification of identity (VOI) app, allows you to verify your clients without the need to scan or photocopy documents.

For each verification, a complete VOI report is returned, as well as being stored securely for 9 years.

IDfy can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

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InfoTrack provides the 2016 Contract for Sale, authorised by NSW Law Society and REINSW, as well as the Section 32 and VIC Contract of Sale of Land.

By using electronic documents through InfoTrack, data is auto-populated from your title search and other documents.

You then have the option to print out the self-compiled contract, or continue on to electronic signing.

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InfoTrack offers an online platform for the signing of electronic documents.

SignIT forms part of the intuitive electronic conveyancing workflow, allowing you to request signatures from the vendor and purchaser, without them needing an InfoTrack account.

You can also use SignIT for non-conveyancing documents.

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We integrate with over 20 practice management systems (PMS), ensuring that you save time by avoiding re-keying data.

Searches and documents are returned to your PMS, allowing you a seamless workflow.

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Our next-generation HelpDesk provides complimentary assistance for all our products.

Whether you log an issue online, or request a callback at a time that suits you, we have the team and resources to support you.

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PEXA and InfoTrack have partnered to bring you seamless electronic settlement.

Create a PEXA workspace, with data from you documents brought over automatically, eliminating the need to re-key data. All documents are returned to your practice management system.

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The electronic conveyancing revolution

There is a nation-wide move towards electronic conveyancing, with governments across Australia implementing plans to accelerate the digital transition and progressively phase out paper-based processes. InfoTrack has developed simple tools that can be gradually implemented into your practice to make this transition easier for you. Our technology gives you the flexibility to adopt eConveyancing at the pace that works for your firm. We can help you implement an end-to-end eConveyancing solution or simply digitise certain parts of the process. It's not all or nothing and it's your choice.  


InfoTrack's eConveyancing Mission

InfoTrack’s mission is to connect you to technology that simplifies the transition to electronic conveyancing at a speed that is comfortable for your firm. We design intuitive tools that are easy-to-use and integrate seamlessly into your workflow. We want to help you make eConveyancing work for your practice today. It's not just about pressure from the government or keeping up - it's about differentiating your practice through providing better service to your clients in less time. 

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"There is no doubt we are moving into a more digital age in many areas of our lives, so for me it makes sense to move conveyancing into the digital world too."

- Charissa Pascoe, Conveyancer, Broken Hill Conveyancing