InfoTrack and eConveyancing

InfoTrack will be integrating eConveyancing with our existing product offerings, providing electronic settlements to our valued clients. Subscribers will be able to open an online workspace via InfoTrack where the Land Registry documents and settlement schedule are created and information is shared with all parties to the transaction.

Once preparation is complete and the settlement date and time is reached, eConveyancing will automatically:

  • Lodge documents with the Land Registry;
  • Exchange loan funds and pay stamp duty and other third party beneficiaries;
  • Remove the need for bank cheques and the wait that goes with them; and
  • Remove the need to physically attend settlement.

The Benefits:

  • Tangible time and cost efficiencies
  • No requirement for physical documentation at settlement;
  • No requirement to physically attend settlements
  • Use of technology to reduce human error and settlement failure

WHAT IS eConveyancing?

eConveyancing is not just another piece of software, in fact it's not a piece of software at all. eConveyancing is an online property exchange that removes the need to physically attend settlement. Basically, Land Registries, Financial Institutions and Practitioners can transact together online, performing lodgement right through to settlement from the comfort of their desk.

This will undoubtedly bring conveyancing into the digital age, imbuing it with much-needed speed, efficiency and accuracy.


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