08 July 2020

On July 1, 2020, the Supreme Court of Victoria launched its eFiling system, RedCrest-Probate. “From that date all applications and dealings with the Probate Office must be filed online.

When a person dies they often leave behind property, assets and debts that need to be managed and finalised. Where a valid will exists, the estate will usually be finalised by the executor named in the will. If there is no valid will then the deceased's closest next of kin will usually be responsible for finalising the estate, and may be appointed administrator of the estate.

The executor or administrator must make sure any debts are paid and that any remaining assets are distributed according to the deceased's wishes (where there is a will) or the laws of intestacy (where there is no will).

From 1 July 2020, e-filing of Probate means:

  • Original sworn/affirmed affidavits no longer need to be delivered to the Probate Office.
  • The original will/codicil must be filed in the Probate Office within 28 days of submitting an application on RedCrest-Probate, by post.
  • A copy of the originating motion created by RedCrest-Probate must be included when filing the original will with the Probate Office.
  • The original grant will be digital. A printed grant will no longer be issued.

Now the mandate is in place, how can you e-file documents?

InfoTrack's latest product offering will assist you to e-File Probate matters online using the Victorian Supreme Court's nominated system. e-Filing via InfoTrack allows you to file a new application (apply for a grant of representation or to reseal a grant). 

Benefits of e-filing via InfoTrack:

  • No need to learn a new system - we navigate the Victorian Supreme Court eFiling system on your behalf.
  • No need to manually upload information - information is filled from your matter card, reducing timely data entry.

When making the shift to digital, lean on your technology provider to support you in navigating challenges and adapt to regulatory updates to help you maintain business as usual. InfoTrack’s suite of innovative technologies allow you to gain the edge against competitors as your everyday processes become more efficient. With smart technology, your firm becomes more productive and you can spend more time developing stronger client relationships.

InfoTrack’s cloud-based products can be accessed anywhere at any time. To prepare for new regulations and further digitise your processes, get started with InfoTrack today.


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