Jeremy Cox

02 March 2021

On 22 December 2020, the Registrar General announced that a further twenty-nine dealings would be mandated to be lodged electronically from 22 March 2021. These twenty-nine dealings are in addition to those which are already mandated. From March 22, 2021, the below dealings must be lodged electronically. This list does not include the previous dealing already mandated in July 2019.

  • Notice of Death
  • Consolidation/Change of By-laws
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Name of Lessee, Mortgagee or Chargee
  • Change of Address of Owners Corporation
  • Change of Name of Caveator
  • Change of Address of Association
  • Change of Address for Service of Notices of Caveator
  • Transfer of Interest
  • Transfer Severing Joint Tenancy in an Interest
  • Transfer Severing Joint Tenancy
  • Transfer Altering Tenancy (Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common in Equal Shares)
  • Transfer Altering Tenancy (Tenants in Common in Equal Shares to Joint Tenants)
  • Transfer Creating a Profit a Prendre
  • Transfer Creating a Forestry Right
  • Transfer Without Monetary Consideration
  • Positive Covenant
  • Positive Covenant (with Registered Interest Holder Consent)
  • Positive Covenant Affecting Land Vested in a Prescribed Authority
  • Restriction on the Use of Land by a Prescribed Authority
  • Restriction on the Use of Land by a Prescribed Authority (with Registered Interest Holder Consent)
  • Restriction on the Use of Land
  • Restriction on the Use of Land (with Registered Interest Holder Consent)
  • Restriction on the Use of Land Vested in a Prescribed Authority
  • Variation of Mortgage
  • Variation of Lease
  • Charge
  • Covenant Charge
  • Discharge of Charge

If you have a Required Dealing in paper that was signed before 22 March 2021 you can still lodge it in paper. Under Rule 8.8.1 of the Conveyancing Rules, any Required dealing, not including Mainstream Dealings, that have been signed before 22 March 2021 can be lodged in paper any time. This includes any dealings lodged together with a prior dealing which was signed after 22 March 2021. For example, if a Variation of Lease was signed on 18 March 2021 and it was lodged as part of the same lodgment case with a Caveat that was dated 25 March 2021, both dealings can be lodged in paper.

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Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox is the NSW Registrar General and Executive Director in the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. The Office of Registrar General oversees the performance, integrity and security of NSW’s land title system. Jeremy has held previous executive roles in the Federal Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and state Governments' premiers and treasury departments, with an economic policy focus.

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