23 March 2020

Plenty of time can be lost to everyday administration tasks. We’ve heard you lament the manual administration work you have to complete each day and the challenges you face completing basic paperwork. It’s not uncommon to lose time on basic administration tasks like downloading, printing, signing and scanning documents for the court system.

When you work remotely and may not have everything at your fingertips, this can be even harder. We know that keeping up with the 24/7 demands of your clients can be challenging too and when you are remote it is important to keep up the appearance of normalcy to instil confidence in your clients.

In a recent survey conducted on our clients, we discovered 19% find filing court documents and managing matter updates to be a challenge in their day to day. To help you battle this challenge and maintain an effective work environment, lean on your technology provider to provide smart solutions in a time where many are unsure.

In February, InfoTrack launched Court Sync™ - a document syncing service designed for litigators to keep their matters up to date when documents are received from the Court Portal. Once documents, orders and judgements are submitted, clients can click the ‘Court Sync’ button and any updated documents will automatically be added back into the matter.

This was in direct response to your feedback that searching for updates to a current matter through the Court Portal is a manual and time consuming task.

How does CourtSync work?

Court Sync™ merges the final three steps of the CommCourts filing process all with the click of one button.

What are the benefits?

  • Court Sync™ can save you time and increase the efficiency of your firm, so you have more time to focus on your clients and grow your business.
  • Court Sync™ reduces the number of steps required when you want to update court files.
  • You can sync your matters on demand.
  • Synced files come with an enhanced naming convention including order ID and judgement meaning no need to rename files.
  • Court Sync™ enables you to use your Commonwealth Court Portal login to sync documents directly back to your Practice Management System.
  • Court Sync™ allows you to stay inside LEAP, meaning you don’t have to open multiple tabs in your internet browser and switch back and forth between pages.
  • We value your security and the privacy of your clients. Court Sync™ encrypts documents so they can only be read inside the LEAP matter.
  • The integration between LEAP and InfoTrack means the need for you to re-key data is reduced or remove entirely. Not only does this save time, but also reduces the chances of human error.

InfoTrack products have always been here for your remote usage. You can continue to expect that our leading legal technology innovations will deliver for you. If you would like a demonstration of Court Sync, register now for the complimentary ‘Syncing matters on demand with Court Sync™’ webinar on Wednesday April 8, 2020 and receive 0.5 CPD units when you watch.

InfoTrack’s cloud-based services are available on demand, anywhere at any time meaning you can still offer your clients a premium service. To enhance your level of productivity without the office, get started with InfoTrack today.



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