11 February 2019

Lotsearch Environmental Risk Reports

We’re excited to bring you some new environmental risk reports from Lotsearch that will help you to complete your due diligence and protect your clients’ interests. There are around 160,000 contaminated land sites across Australia and identifying whether the land you’re dealing with might be contaminated can be very difficult. The new Lotsearch Contaminated Land Screening Report and Lotsearch EPA Register Report connect you with the information you need to make more informed decisions when it comes to environmental risk.

Lotsearch Contaminated Land Screening Report (NSW) 

This report offers a fast and efficient way to obtain relevant information from regulatory and historical data sources. Information from these data sources is then used to provide a bespoke assessment of the potential for contamination to affect the site. Click here to view a sample report.


Lotsearch EPA Register & Data Search Report (NSW & VIC) 

This report offers a fast and efficient way to obtain information extracted from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) public registers/website. Reports offer a set of data to help clients understand potential contamination hazards on or near their site.

View a sample report for NSW
View a sample report for VIC

How to order Lotsearch environmental risk reports
As an InfoTrack client, you can access Lotsearch reports alongside your regular Property Enquiries under the ‘Other’ category.

If you have any questions about Lotsearch, please email or call us on 1800 738 524.



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